2313G SQ


  • 2313G SQ – 3.5 Cubic ft
  • 208 or 240 Volts
  • 40 Amp breaker required
  • Kanthal A-1 elements in lid and walls
  • CSA approved

Product Description

The model 2313G SQ is a highly versatile model. Capable of firing many small pieces or large individual platters, this is the largest square kiln that Cone Art manufactures. It has elements in the lid and the walls for even firings, and offers a little more volume than a 23” diameter round kiln. Our patented lid lifter is an option available on this model.

Furniture Kit

  • One 21″ X 21″ square kiln shelf
  • Three – 1″ posts
  • 1 – kg kiln wash

PhaseVoltInside DimensionOutside DimensionSectionsCubic FeetAmpsBreaker RequiredCU Wire GA(AWG)KilowattsShip Wt LbsMax Temp
124023 X 23 X 13.535x41x19.513.503040A87.20220.001700
120823 X 23 X 13.535x41x19.513.5035.0040A87.20220.001700