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The Bartlett 3K controller is a simple 3 button controller that is an inexpensive solution ideal for glass kilns. It will allow you to store up to 4 user defined programs. Glass kilns with a model number prefix of “B3K” have this controller. For example: B3K 2309G

This unit is the next generation of kiln controllers.  It has a modern, intuitive user platform, and touch screen display.  The Genesis has different user-interface levels to match the firing knowledge of the user, and a graphical display of the firing’s progress.  It is capable of storing up to 12 custom programs with up to 32 segments each, or you can simply fire by cone number and speed.  This unit is Wifi enabled.  Soon users will be able to register their units with the manufacturer’s website.  This will allow you to download software updates to your laptop, and in turn upload those updates to the controller itself.  Dimensions and wiring of this unit are identical to the previous V6-CF model, so people can upgrade to the Genesis from previous models with little effort.

The Bartlett controller offers precise control and many features not available with other controllers. It comes with preset firing profiles, allowing you to fire by simply entering a cone number, as well as the option of user-defined programs. It will hold up to 6 user-defined programs with up to 8 segments in each program. Or as an option you can combine 2 programs to make one complicated program with up to 16 segments in it. The Bartlett controller has one thermocouple for each circuit in the kiln so it is excellent at ensuring even temperature from top to bottom. We still recommend the use of witness cones with all controllers. Those kiln model numbers with a bartlett controller installed are prefixed with a “BX”. For example BX 1822D.

The Cone Art peep hole cover is made from a high quality stainless steel.

It can be installed as a replacement on any kiln.

They can't be lost and they can't be broken.

No more searching for something to fill your peep hole so you can start your firing!

Includes 8 gauge thermocouple and block, lead wire, battery, case and stand

This is a ceramic peep hole plug that is made from a durable refractory material.
It is tapered so it can be used on any kiln.

We have thermocouples for any make or model of kiln.

Listed are type K,8 ga. and 14 ga.thermocouples.

Please ask for a quotation for type S, or type R.

Showing all 7 results